Weighted Workout Gloves

Updated July 5, 2019
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Wearing weighted workout gloves is a sure-fire way to kick up a boring cardio workout. The added weight resistance can increase the intensity of your exercise routines and help you burn more calories in less time. Whether you wear them while you cross-train or kickbox, the weighted gloves will help tone your arms and shoulders.

Weighted Workout Gloves for Increased Intensity

Weighted workout hand covers are fairly thin gloves that pull on over your hands and strap around your wrist area. Small weights, often between one and two pounds each, are in the gloves.

Adjustable Weights

The gloves leave your fingers free, allowing you to manipulate your hands. Some gloves allow you to adjust the weight amount, while others have the weights sewn into the gloves. Common weight amounts are between one and six pounds, with the weight distributed evenly between your two hands.

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Glove Features

Features to look for in gloves include:

  • Lightweight fabric
  • Removable weights
  • Strong construction
  • Adjustable sizing

Weighted Glove Cautions

Exercisers with wrist or arm issues may aggravate their injuries by using weighted gloves, especially in cardio classes where quick movements don't allow for focused, careful movement. Start with a small weight within the glove and gradually move up in weight as tolerated, stopping any time you feel discomfort or pain. Speak with your physician or physical therapist to ensure weighted gloves are appropriate for you if you have previous injuries or wrist/arm conditions.

Uses for Weighted Exercise Gloves

Weighted workout gloves are meant to increase the level of difficulty during cardio activities. Use weighted gloves when doing the following:

Gloves are often handier than carrying two pound weights during lunges or other toning exercises, allowing you to keep your balance more easily. You also will not worry about sweaty palms holding onto slippery weights.

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Types of Weighted Workout Gloves

You can buy weighted workout gloves from a number of retailers. If you have unusually small or large hands, it may be prudent to try several pairs on before you buy, at a sporting goods retailer or specialty store. Otherwise, consider trying some of the following gloves:

  • J Fit 20-7800 Weighted Cardio Workout Gloves: The comfortable neoprene gloves weigh one-pound each and are ideal tools to increase the intensity of a cardio class.
  • Beachbody Weighted Gloves: Created by fitness personality Chalene Johnson for use with her Turbo Jam exercise series, these weighted gloves are .75 pounds each and feature breathable material and easy Velcro closures.
  • Fitness by Cathe Weighted Gloves: These stylish gloves come with adjustable weight packets that hold up to one-pound maximum in each glove. They are great to use to shape and tone arms while walking, running or kickboxing.
  • Blue Source Fitness Heavy Duty Weight Sculpting Gloves: The colorful weighted gloves are made from comfort-fitting neoprene and sport an easy-grip closure for a secure fit. Each glove weighs one-pound.

Good for Toning

Weighted workout gloves are most frequently used for toning moves and cardio. Strength training, such as bodyweight exercises or weightlifting, still needs to be done if you want to increase muscle mass. Gloves will help increase endurance and tone your body, but will not make your muscles larger or bulkier. If that is your goal, speak to a fitness expert on starting a strength training program.

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Weighted Workout Gloves