6 Secrets of Beautiful Pregnant Women

Admire Beautiful Pregnant Women


Beautiful pregnant women are everywhere, not just in magazines and on your favorite television shows. An expectant mother has a natural glow, even on the days when she's battling morning sickness, insomnia, and a wardrobe that doesn't seem to fit quite right. But, if you need some assistance figuring out how to keep your spirits up during your pregnancy, the tips in this slideshow may help.

Eat Right


Even if you're craving nothing but pickles and ice cream, try to eat a balanced diet as much as possible during your pregnancy. Taking care of your body is the best way to feel like one of the beautiful pregnant women.

Stay Active


Regular exercise can help you keep your spirits up during your pregnancy. Most activities are perfectly safe to enjoy during a healthy pregnancy. However, feel free to address any concerns you have about acceptable physical activity with your healthcare provider.

Get Informed


Reading about what happens to your body during pregnancy can help you feel more comfortable with your ever changing figure. Don't get too hung up on comparing yourself to the "average" woman, however. Every pregnancy is different in some way.

Have a Girl's Night Out


Enlisting the support of other women can be a wonderful way to deal with the changes in your body during pregnancy. If you're not lucky enough to have a close friend who is pregnant at the same time, consider looking for other expectant mothers in various online pregnancy chat rooms.

Turn to Your Children


If this is not your first pregnancy, your older children may have lots of questions about their new brother or sister. Surprisingly, many women find that explaining childbirth in terms their children can understand helps them feel better about their changing bodies.

Take Lots of Pictures


Ask your partner to take some special keepsake photos of your belly during various stages of your pregnancy. Even if you feel a bit self-conscious, you'll want to have a way to remember this time in your life after your bundle of joy arrives. You can find creative photography ideas by reviewing our Artistic Maternity Photos slideshow.

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6 Secrets of Beautiful Pregnant Women