Stories on Teenage Pregnancy

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The Internet is full of stories about teen pregnancy that offer a variety of perspectives on coping with the sometimes difficult dilemma. Whether you're thinking about becoming sexually active or worried you already may be pregnant, these unplanned teenage pregnancy stories offer an honest look at the options available for teens who might be facing an unexpected pregnancy.

Pregnant Teen Experiences a Second Trimester Loss

This true story, from a young woman who wishes to remain anonymous, is about her emotional story of learning she was pregnant at age 16, then suffering a loss in the second trimester.

An Older Boyfriend

"My story starts like any other. I was 16, and I met a boy who I was madly in love with. He was 18, and we were inseparable, naturally my parents were concerned about that. They allowed us to date, but got concerned when we became sexually active. Back then I thought I was mature, and I was for my age. I thought my parents didn't know anything, because how could they possibly understand what I was going through? After they discovered I was sexually active, they reacted in a pretty bad way. They forbade me from seeing him which, of course, did not work. I snuck out in the middle of the night. He would meet me at my school in the mornings and we'd run off together."

Finding Out About Pregnancy

"About one month after the sneaking around started, I missed my period. I was pretty regular, so it really concerned me. I told my boyfriend, and we got a pregnancy test. When the test came back positive, instead of being worried, we were happy. This meant we could be together and no one could say anything about it. But, I was still scared to tell my parents. They wouldn't understand and I didn't know how to even say the words 'I'm pregnant' out loud to them. I called my best friend told her. When I saw her at school, she hugged me and told me she would be there for me always. Even though I was happy about it, people were treating it like it was really bad news. I decided I definitely wasn't telling my parents."

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The Stress of a Secret

"Morning sickness came pretty quickly, and I was tired all the time. I was still sneaking out at night, so I slept during class. My grades, that weren't that great to begin with, dropped dramatically. I could see concern in teachers eyes when they asked me what was wrong, but I didn't tell them. I would go to the school nurse and sleep. She knew, but kept my secret, and was the only adult I told."

Spotting and Telling Mom

"One Saturday morning, when I was what I thought was five months along, I discovered tiny spots of blood on my toilet paper. I didn't know what to do. I've seen enough movies to understand the seriousness of bleeding while you're pregnant. My fear of telling my mom was gone, and I rushed out to the kitchen and regurgitated the entire story. The whole thing, every moment, in a matter of a 1 minute. When I stopped, I waited for what felt like an eternity for a response. I wished she would say something, anything. I could see the shock on her face turn to disappointment. I'll never forget her face, but suddenly she sprang up and told me to get dressed. She rushed me to the E.R."

Sonogram and Additional Pain

"We waited a long time and then I got my very first sonogram. I found out that I was actually six months along. More disappointment fell on my mom's face. They also told me I wasn't miscarrying and that I needed to go home and rest. They said the bleeding was due to stress. I was under quite a bit between keeping this secret, school, work and sneaking out. I laid in bed for two days. Then, the pain started coming. It was intense pressure in my lower abdomen and the worst pain I have ever experienced. I felt like I was on fire and I didn't understand the pain. I was bleeding, but it wasn't bad like in the movies. It was like I had my normal period."

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Something's Wrong

"My mom took me back to the E.R. I was screaming in pain, but they were packed and I had to wait in a wheelchair because I couldn't walk. After about a half hour of pain, I felt like I really needed to use the bathroom. My mom wheeled me in and helped me to the toilet. I cried out in pain as the pressure was like a knife in my back. All of a sudden, I felt something fall out of me. The pain was gone as if it never was there at all. I got up to see the baby in the bathroom toilet. My mother saw it too and immediately rushed out of the bathroom. I just stood there staring at this tiny little baby. It had arms and head but not much else. It was my baby laying there and I couldn't do anything. A rush of people came in and I was whisked off on a gurney. I was checked out and treated. I never asked what had gone on with the baby. Looking back now, I wish I would have."

Mom to the Rescue

"I felt numb. I didn't know how to feel or what to think or how I was going to tell my boyfriend. He was going to be so upset. He showed up with his mom and my mom took care of telling them. He came in and held me as he told me everything was ok. Everything wasn't okay; he hadn't seen what I saw or felt what I'd felt. I went home, laid in bed, and didn't move for five days. My mom finally told me I had to get up and move on. She was really great and I remember thinking, 'Why didn't I just tell her in the first place?' She would've helped me, just like she's helping me now."

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Reflections on Teen Pregnancy

"I took my mom's advice. I got up and I did move on. My relationship with my boyfriend couldn't survive that ordeal and we broke up. I went on just like any other teenager. I was more careful with what I did and I got closer to my mother. Losing that baby was the hardest thing I've ever been through, but I came out stronger and smarter. I eventually did date again and, at the age of 20, I had my oldest son, a happy healthy boy. Then, at 25, I had my second, another happy and healthy boy. When I was 16, I thought that the world would end if I didn't have everything I ever wanted in that moment. But, ultimately what I learned was life goes on and you can build something great, if you're patient and wait for it."

Unexpectedly Expecting at Nineteen

Although 19-year-olds are considered adults, this last year of the teens can still be a scary time to get pregnant as shared by a woman who prefers to remain anonymous in this teen mom story.

This Can't Be

"I was home from college for the Easter holiday and, during what was supposed to be a very routine annual visit to my gynecologist to get my birth control pills refilled, my doctor strolled into the room and said two words that confused me, terrified me, and made me chuckle nervously all at the same time. 'You're pregnant.' My reply was, 'No. You're in the wrong room. I'm just here to get my birth control pills refilled.'"

Becoming a Statistic

"I learned that the urine sample I always had to give in the office was used to perform a very basic pregnancy test. 'But I'm on the pill.' I remember saying to him. His reply was garnished with a shrug of his shoulders. 'You're just a statistic now.' I felt lightheaded. There was a sudden shift in his demeanor and the exchange that took place next will forever be seared into my memory."

Visit in gynecological office

The Doctor's Disrespect

"While still looking at my chart from where he was standing across the exam room he asked, 'Did you want to be pregnant?' I thought it was obvious my answer would be 'No,' that's why I was on the pill. Coming across the room, tearing off the prescription from the pad he had written on he handed it to me and walked to the door. As he opened the door to leave the room he turned to me and said, simply, 'You should have thought about that before you spread your legs.'"

Emotional Turmoil at the Doctor's Office

"What else is there to say after someone, a physician, that you are supposed to respect says something like that to you? In the tumult of emotions I was feeling my anger edged everything else out. I had been trying to be responsible by going on the pill so I wouldn't get pregnant. I tossed the prescription for prenatal vitamins into the trash and left the office. I was not going back there."

What to Do?

"I spent the rest of the week in a stupor. I went from panic and tears to frustration and anger. I was 19 and pregnant. What was I going to do? My boyfriend and I broke up a couple of months earlier. I needed time to think and work through my emotions. I decided to keep the information to myself for the time being and returned to my college life. I was at this small, all girls, Catholic College in Pittsburgh, PA on a full, four year scholarship. I never had a fondness for children and never planned on having any. How would I tell my parents? Would I tell the guy? How could I be a single parent and be in college? What would people in my small Pennsylvania town have to say? To say I was distracted from my studies was a huge understatement."

A New Doctor, A New Attitude

"A few weeks later I was home again for spring break. I made an appointment with a different doctor, a [white-haired] female. I was so nervous sitting in the exam room that I jumped when she opened the door and came in. She was tall and white haired, wearing a knee-length skirt and pale blue blouse and very sensible shoes. Very soft spoken, she had the kindest eyes and a maternal smile. Sitting on the stool next to the exam table she simply said, 'What would you like to do about your pregnancy?' I told her what the other doctor had said to me. I cried. I was angry. I was scared. I didn't know what to do. She listened. She drew a blood sample to find out how far along I was. We talked. She discussed the options with me. I listened. I trusted her. She hugged me before she left the room and said everything would be alright. I believed her."

Exploring Adoption

"I took the time to go through all the options we had discussed at my appointment. I was pro-choice and believed a female is the only person who can make the choice to terminate their pregnancy for whatever reason they choose to do so. But, I couldn't have an abortion. It wasn't something I personally could do. I took a Greyhound bus to Harrisburg, PA, to meet a couple I met through an ad for adoption in the newspaper. We spoke on the phone several times prior to my trip. They were wonderful. Good jobs, great home, love to give a child. We shook hands when I left their home and I told them I would be in touch."

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Deciding to Keep the Baby

"Back on the bus to Pittsburgh, I was listening to music on my Walkman and I felt the strangest sensation. Like bubbles in my stomach. If you've ever watched a fish in a tank and seen the bubbles come out of their mouths, that's what this felt like. Turning off the music, I put my hand on my stomach. And I felt it. The bubbles. I remember feeling like my whole body was smiling at that moment."

A Happy Ending

"The wonderful white-haired doctor helped me bring that beautiful baby boy into the world. It wasn't easy. I got expelled from college. Telling two sets of parents was a challenge. Birthing a child is painful and scary. My son never had a relationship with his birth father and being a single mom was tough. But, as always, there's a silver lining. The birth father's family welcomed myself and their grandson with open arms and hearts. I surrounded myself with a wonderful support system. I met a wonderful man who became an amazing daddy to my son. He was a happy, healthy, well loved baby."

Adorable Baby Boy Sitting on Mother's Lap at Home

Remembering the Doctor Who Made a Difference

"Four years after his birth, the same white-haired doctor helped me bring my gorgeous daughter into the world. I was married by then and you know what? It still wasn't easy. But, the best things in life rarely are. The wonderful white-haired doctor died a few years ago, and I cried when I heard the news. She had been the first person to lend an ear, discuss my options and treat me with respect. She was the person who helped bring the absolute best parts of who I am into the world. And I wouldn't change a moment."

Teen Pregnancy Stories Reveal Difficult Choices

The United States has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the developed world. In fact, statistics on teen pregnancy show that a sexually active teenage girl who does not use regular contraception has a 90 percent chance of becoming pregnant within one year. Therefore, it should come as no surprise you can find a number of teen pregnancy stories online. Some of these stories seem like the tales you'd expect to hear on an after school special or a reality show like Teen Mom, but others provide a heartbreaking glimpse into what it's like to be faced with a very tough decision.

Teen Pregnancy Stories

Most teen pregnancy stories focus on what happens after the baby is born. However, many teens who find out they're pregnant will want to learn about what pregnancy is actually like, especially from a teenager's perspective. Being pregnant and delivering a baby as a teenager may not seem like it should be different from older mothers' experiences, but teenage pregnancy has medical risks that other pregnancies might not, and dealing with being pregnant while you're in school or living with your parents can impact the experience even more. Learn about what it's like to be a pregnant teenager from the following stories.

  • A teen mother shares about her teen pregnancy symptoms and has a link to her video diary on her Teen Pregnancy Blog Diary, where she discusses pregnancy, maternity clothes, and teen mom myths.
  • In this Pregnancy and Birth Story a young woman remembers what it was like to be pregnant with and deliver her daughter when she was only 15.
  • My Story about Teenage Pregnancy includes the pregnancy and birth story of a woman who became pregnant with her first child at the age of 13.

Teen Parenting Stories

Raising a child when you're still struggling through adolescence is no picnic, but many teens do decide to tackle the challenges of parenthood. While their friends are dating and partying, teen moms are balancing school, work, and finding childcare. Some are fortunate enough to have the support of their families, but nearly 80 percent must rely on government assistance to help make ends meet.

For stories on teen pregnancy from teens who choose to raise their babies, visit the following websites:

Two Pregnant Teenagers

Teen Pregnancy Adoption Stories

For teens who are morally opposed to abortion, yet not ready for the responsibility of raising a child, adoption may be the best option for an unplanned pregnancy. Adoption allows the pregnant teen to make sure her baby has a safe and loving home without giving up her own future goals. Both open and closed adoptions are available, so teen moms can choose whether they want their child to be able to contact them in the future. Teen moms who decided to place their babies up for adoption share their stories on the following websites:

Teen Pregnancy Abortion Stories

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, almost 25 percent of all teen girls choose abortion. A medical abortion can be performed within the first seven weeks of pregnancy, while a surgical abortion remains an option until 20 weeks. Abortion laws do vary by state, however, so some teens may need parental consent for the procedure.

For teen pregnancy stories from girls who choose to have an abortion, visit the following websites:

Additional Teen Pregnancy Resources

When faced with a teenage pregnancy, having access to accurate information is critical. To make an informed decision, you need to be aware of all your options. For additional information about teen pregnancy, pick up one of the following books:

You're Not Alone

There are ample resources for pregnant teenagers today, including the stories of others who have been there. No matter what your personal situation or reason for wanting to read stories about teen pregnancy, you are sure to be able to find stories of others with whom you can relate.

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