Birth Announcements for Twins

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Everything gets a little more complicated when you're having twins, birth announcements included. Luckily, you don't need twice the postage stamps. You can easily find birth announcements designed especially for twins.

Cute Ideas for Twins

Card designers are capitalizing on the increase in twin births. Here are some of the ideas they've come up with:

  • Two peas in a pod. You can find simple, stylized peapod drawings or cute versions with smiling baby faces on big round peas.
  • Twin storks, duckies, or angels. The decorations are twice as cute.
  • Multiple footprints. Traditional cards with baby's footprints let both babies make their mark.
  • Noah's Ark. Everyone comes two by two on Noah's ark… including your new twins!
  • Double photos. Photo cards are now available with room for both babies' pictures.

If cute isn't your thing, you can also find more traditional twins birth announcements. Embossed lettering, lovely paper, and fine envelopes are available, and many stationers have designs available which list the babies' names either one after the other, or side by side.

Including Other Siblings

The arrival of twins can throw your home into an uproar. And, with everyone gathering around the new babies, older siblings can feel left out. A special kind of twins birth announcements includes big brothers and sisters, reminding everyone that they're still important, too. Look for announcements like these:

  • A drawing shows a big brother or sister pulling the twins in a wagon or holding each twin by the hand.
  • The wording has room for siblings' names, not just Mom's and Dad's.

Special Wording for Twins

There isn't any special language for twins birth announcements. A few considerations, however:

  • Birth weight. Twins are often premature. If your babies are especially small, and it's not something you wish to discuss with well-wishers, just leave off the birth weight.
  • Unexpected twins. Most of the time twins are expected, but sometimes the second baby is a surprise! Either way, you don't need to comment. People will share your joy-and your happy surprise-with no explanation needed.
  • Fraternal or identical. People always wonder if twins are fraternal or identical. Sometimes the doctor can tell when they're born, but it's possible to make a mistake. In many cases, a genetic test would be needed to be sure. It's not necessary to include this information. Unless you're 100% sure-and you want people to know-leaving it off the announcement saves confusion later.

Where to Look for Twins Birth Announcements

Depending on what you want to spend, you can find everything from pre-printed, blank cards to fine stationery designed just for you. For affordable, personalized cards, try a web search. Several companies offer multiple designs ready for your babies' info; simply choose one and fill out an online form. Prices range from about $1 to $3 per card. Fancier cards, with high-end paper, multiple folds, and artistic designs, can be as much as $10 each. offers adorable designs you can customize online and print yourself from home. They have twins announcement templates in a variety of colors and styles.

If you don't want to order online or can't find something you like, try your local stationery shop. They'll usually have a selection of papers and typefaces, as well as experts who can help you put together something lovely.

Make Your Own

Are your twins too special for store-bought announcements? Here are some ideas for creative birth announcements for twins:

  • Candy cigars. Tie together two chocolate cigars, one for each baby. Use pink ribbon, blue ribbon, or both. Attach a small card with the babies' names and birth date.
  • Ink stamp designs. Pick out cute ink stamps-babies, bunnies, ducks, or whatever strikes your fancy-and buy two of the same kind. Choose a color for each baby, or pink and blue if it's a boy and a girl. You can hand-write the cards or print them on your computer, using the same colors of ink.
  • Family photo. The most exciting thing about having twins is that they bring twice the joy to your family. Have a friend-or even the doctor!-take a snapshot of everyone together, holding the babies. Use your computer to turn the photo into your announcement.
  • Just send two! Is there a design you love, but it doesn't come in a style for twins? Who says you need a special announcement? Tuck two announcements in a single envelope and let each baby have his or her own turn to shine.
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