Heat Rash Pictures

Heat Rash Pictures


Heat rash pictures will help you identify what this condition looks like. Also known as miliaria, heat rash causes the skin to itch and burn. Heat rash occurs most often in children but anyone can experience an outbreak. Miliaria is a sign that the body is having a negative response to heat. The rash features white bumps that are surrounded by a red, inflamed looking patch of skin. The rash typically lasts only a few days. Extended heat rash may be a symptom of another type of illness. Visit your physician if your heat rash worsens or persists.

Children who exhibit heat rash may also have a high fever. While this condition is common in children it should not be ignored. Report the fever and rash to your pediatrician.

Abdomen Rashes


Some people get heat rash on their abdomen after tanning, sleeping or even active workouts. An abdomen rash may be small or it may cover the entire abdomen.

Foot Rash


If baby's feet get overheated, his feet may develop a rash. Avoid foot rash from heat by removing the infant's socks before naps.

Rash With Sunburn


Sometimes a heat rash may accompany a mild sunburn. This rash is temporary and may or many not result in blisters.

Long Lasting Rashes


Chronic rash sufferers may need topical relief from this uncomfortable condition. Long lasting rashes can irritate skin when clothing touches it. Visit your physician if your rash will not go away.

Rashes in Creases


Sensitive areas like the folds of your skin are susceptible to heat rashes. Keep folds of skin dry with a touch of baking soda powder. Clean the area frequently by patting away sweat to keep down rash outbreaks.

Check out our slideshow on photos of skin rashes for more information.

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Heat Rash Pictures