Angry People Clip Art

Angry woman clip art

Looking for graphics of angry people? Clip art provides a great way to convey the emotion of anger in a visual way. The original artwork provided here and is free for you to save and use for any non-commercial purposes.

Free Clip Art Images Depicting Anger

Do you like any (or all!) of the free clip art images provided here? Simply right click and save to download the picture(s) of your choice. Once saved to your computer or external storage device, you can upload the .jpg files to your print and/or digital projects.

Angry on the phone
Angry and grimacing
Seething with anger
Very angry man

More Options

If you're looking for images of a different style, there are a number of great resources where you may find artwork that meets your needs. A few options include:

  • 123RF: This site has a wide variety of stock illustration images that you can use as clip art. The selection includes pictures showing kids and adults in a variety of settings. Most of the images are color, though some are black and white. Some images show just one person, while others show groups of individuals. Image licenses must be purchased on a credit or subscription basis. Credits can be purchased in batches as small as 40 credits for $38 (images range from 1 to 10 credits each). Alternately, or you can download up to 5 .jpg or .eps images per day for just $5 per month.
  • ClipartOf: This site also has a great selection of clip art showing people expressing anger. Most images show grown-ups only, and most have only one person in them. There are a few that include groups of people and a combination of children and adults. Most of the available images are color illustrations. Prices for a single image license range from $10 to $20 per picture.
  • This site has several line-art style images showing angry people, making it a great choice if you are looking for that style of picture. They have other styles as well, so check here even if you aren't solely interested in line art. Most of the images depict adults, though there are some that show kids who are a bit irate. Basic image licenses are $19.99 for all pictures available here.

Illustrating Anger

Clip art provides a helpful way to illustrate the emotion of anger in all kinds of print and digital projects. Whether you are writing an article, updating a website, creating anger management worksheets or any other kind of project, these images can help you convey your meaning in a visually appealing way.

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Angry People Clip Art