Clonazepam Withdrawal

Effects of Clonazepam Withdrawal

Clonazepam withdrawal effects can be miserable if you abruptly stop taking your regular dosage.

Withdrawal symptoms can be broken up into three parts; how you feel physically, how your body reacts and how it affects you psychologically.

How You Feel Physically

You may begin to feel like you have the flu. You'll have abdominal pain, body aches and diarrhea. You may also notice that you have a distended abdomen and experience an increase in flatulence. Severe headaches or migraines are common, especially if you have allergies. Allergies may also worsen. Some people experience tinnitus and a sore mouth and/or tongue as well.

How Your Body Reacts

Your body will react to the rapid decrease of Clonazepam in the following ways:

  • Heavy limbs
  • Muscle spasms
  • Hair loss
  • Shaking
  • Sweating
  • Sensitive to touch

Changes in Your Senses

Your senses are affected by chemical changes in your body from the lower dose of Clonazepam in the following ways:

  • Blurred vision
  • Increased sense of smell
  • Sound and light sensitivity
  • Metallic taste

Cognitive Issues

While you go through withdrawal, you may experience the following temporary cognitive issues:

  • Speech difficulty
  • Short term memory loss

Other Bodily Reactions

You may suddenly find yourself tripping more often or being unable to walk in a straight line. This loss of balance is common in people going through Clonazepam withdrawal and can cause injury if you're not careful.

Some people experience food cravings and will notice weight gain during the withdrawal period.

Clonazepam withdrawal may lead to seizures in some people.

Psychological Issues

Withdrawing from Clonazepam addiction can cause serious psychological disturbances. It's important that users pay attention to their mental health state and seek medical/psychological attention if the following symptoms become severe.

Severe Anxiety

Some people will experience an unbearable amount of fear due to their feelings of unreality. They may suffer from agoraphobia, which is the fear of leaving their home due to paranoia. This anxiety may cause them to suffer from insomnia which exacerbates their symptoms.

Due to the anxiety, panic attacks and heart palpitations are common.

Frightening Reoccurring Thoughts

Clonazepam withdrawal may cause people to ruminate over bad memories. This can cause them to have nightmares that further contribute to anxiety and insomnia.

Warning and More Information

Due to the fear, anxiety, unrelenting negative thoughts, cravings and physical illness, some people begin to contemplate suicide. This is a serious consequence of Clonazepam withdrawal, and it means that you need medical/psychological guidance until your body returns to normal.

For more information on some of the individual symptoms associated with Clonazepam withdrawal, check out these LTK slideshows:

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