Long Term Effects of Adderall

Long Term Effects of Adderall


Positive and negative long-term effects of Adderall exist. When taking Adderall, you must consider if the benefits outweigh the risks and if you are susceptible to medical conditions that Adderall may exacerbate. If you are an Adderall addict, understanding how the drug affects you over time may make you reconsider your addiction.

Addictive Qualities


Adderall is a highly addictive drug, especially when taken for a long time. Individuals become physically and psychologically addicted to it. Due to its stimulant qualities, people feel that they are on top of the world when they take it. It drives them and helps them accomplish more than they can without it. While the positive effects may sound appealing, the long-term effects of Adderall are not as desirable.

Mental Effects of Adderall


Individuals who take Adderall will notice an increase in their ability to focus on tasks. They will have an enhanced attention to detail and experience increased motivation. These are all positive effects that can help individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and it is a reason why people who don't have ADHD abuse the drug.

The problem is that the brain becomes overexcited over time, and some people experience psychosis and hallucinations after many years of taking the drug. Memory loss is also common.

Behavioral Changes


Individuals who take amphetamines may notice or hear from loved ones that their behavior has changed. Usually, long-term users and addicts will have violent or aggressive outburst and exhibit anti-social behavior.

Restlessness or anxiety is also a result of the drug's use. This may be a result of the addiction or directly from the effects of the drug.

How Adderall Affects the Heart


Stimulants may increase your diastolic blood pressure. Many people experience a difference of approximately three to five mm HG for diastolic blood pressure and about two to five mm HG for their systolic.

The heart rate can also change to approximately three to five beats per minute. Due to the increase in blood pressure and heart rate, many individuals who have a history of heart problems or are at risk for them may be at higher risk for suffering from a heart condition such as cardiomyopathy or a stroke. Sudden death has also occurred.

Appetite and Weight


Individuals who take Adderall for months will begin to notice a change in their appetite. For many people, they feel less hungry and will consume less calories, and this causes significant weight loss. For some children, the drug has caused a reduction in height.

Worsening of Tourette's Syndrome


With prolonged use of Adderall, people who are at risk for or have Tourette's Syndrome may experience a worsening in symptoms. Motor and phonic tics or tremors are common among individuals who have a personal or family history of them.

Lower Sex Drive


Some people report that they have a lower sex drive. Men may become impotent.

Adderall vs. Cocaine Effects


Many addicts choose Adderall over cocaine because it's a less expensive street drug and has similar effects. To learn more about the effects of cocaine, watch the Effects of Crack Cocaine slideshow.

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Long Term Effects of Adderall