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Nautilus has become synonymous with fitness for many health conscious people. Nautilus Sleep System is a discontinued line of the spirit of the Nautilus brand that once followed in the footsteps of health and fitness products commonly associated with the parent company. Nautilus FITRest products are no longer available, but you do have alternatives to consider.

Nautilus Sleep System Discontinued

Nautilus FITRest mattresses were hybrid sleep systems that combine foam support with air chambers. The mattress may have been the ideal product for someone who likes the idea of the air chamber bed, but still wants a sleep surface with a more traditional feel. These mattresses had adjustable controls for different firmness levels.

The line of mattresses included the Nautilus Sleep System Signature Series that was adjustable on both sides, Nautilus FitRest Platinum and Gold Series. If you had your heart set on one of these mattresses, you can still find similar products.

Alternatives to Nautilus FitRest

The idea of a mattress that provides customized support is nothing new; Nautilus FitRest was unique because it was a hybrid of foam support and adjustable air mattresses. Alternatives to the Nautilus system include air mattresses, adjustable beds and foam mattresses.

  • The Sleep Number bed is a sleep system that has air chambers that allow you to adjust the firmness of the sleeping surface. Each side of the bed has independent controls so your partner can use different settings.
  • The Craftmatic Adjustable Bed allows you to adjust the angle of the mattress, whether you prefer to sleep with your legs slightly elevated, or you prefer to raise your head and chest area.
  • Memory foam mattresses from Mattress Firm offer support that contours the body with minimal resistance. You can opt for a memory foam topper for a sleep solution that is less expensive.
  • Emerald Sleep Systems offers high quality traditional mattresses.

People who have sleep disorders have different options to consider to improve rest. A comfortable mattress is very important, but you can augment a comfy sleeping surface with other types of sleep systems.

Sleep Systems

The Nautilus Sleep System is no longer available, but many other products offer the help you need for a better night's rest. While people often think of beds and mattresses when they think of sleep systems, other strategies include exercises, products and sleep hygiene. A comparison of the best sleep systems can help you decide which approaches work best for you.

If you find that restlessness and discomfort continues to disrupt your sleep, talk to your doctor. Sleep problems can stem from a sleep disorder or an underlying health problem. Including your doctor in your plans to improve sleep is an important step in getting the rest you need.

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Nautilus Sleep System