Herbs for Sore Ovaries

Herbs for Ovaries

Herbs for sore ovaries can be useful to help relieve the pain of cysts as well as perhaps reducing them enough to make fertility problems go away.

What Are Ovarian Cysts?

Ovarian cysts are very common in women and often don't cause any pain or problems. Cysts are often small and can be located inside or outside the ovaries. They can cause pain when they are larger and press against other tissue in the body.

These cysts are formed when, during the menstrual cycle, the ovaries produce a follicle that releases an egg. If the egg doesn't release or the follicle doesn't disintegrate, it forms a cyst.

Cysts sometimes disintegrate on their own in the next menstrual cycle, but they can also grow and accumulate through time. Lack of proper liver function or a low-fiber diet may be to blame in part for the accumulation of cysts.

Painful cysts may cause one side of the pelvic area to feel sore, numb or a burning sensation. It may make the area sensitive to touch, and can cause a sharp pain similar to appendicitis.

Trying Herbs for Sore Ovaries

It's always a good idea to get any ovary pain checked out by a doctor before medicating yourself with herbs and supplements. There is a chance the problem could be cancer and there are other reasons you could be having pain besides cysts. You want to make sure you know what you're dealing with before you try to treat it. Once you've been cleared by a doctor, it's a great idea to try herbal remedies and other supplements that might be helpful.

Dietary Supplements

One of the main recommendations for sore ovaries and cysts is to get more gamma-linolenic acid and other essential fatty acids, which can be obtained from supplements such as evening primrose oil, olive oil, flax seed oil, black currant oil and borage oil.

Vitamin E supplementation may also be helpful to reduce the formation of cysts, while vitamin C can cut down on the inflammation associated with cysts.

Substances in plants known as bioflavanoids are also thought to be helpful herbs for sore ovaries and to help preserve estrogen in the body. Some great sources of these substances include garlic, onions, cherries and other berries, citrus fruits and grape seeds.

Herbs Regulating Estrogen

There are many different herbs that are said to help regulate levels of estrogen in the body, which can be helpful for women with ovarian cysts or fertility problems. Some of these herbs include:

  • Dong quai, a traditional Chinese remedy for female problems and is thought to help nourish the ovaries
  • Licorice contains natural estrogen
  • Black cohosh, a natural source of estrogen
  • Chaste berry is known to be helpful for various female ailments
  • Ginseng has chemicals similar to estrogen
  • False unicorn, which strengthens the reproductive system
  • Fennel is particularly helpful if your ovary pain includes crampy feelings
  • Gotu kola is considered brain food but is also helpful for bringing vitality and energy to the body

Treating Sore Ovaries

As mentioned above, it is always the best idea when you are having any pain or reproductive problems to seek the opinion of a medical doctor or trained naturopath before treating yourself. That way you will know what is really going on and can use their guidance to choose the right treatment or combination of supplements for you. This is especially important if you are treating cysts with the hope of becoming pregnant. Some of these herbs and supplements might not be good for the baby if you continue using them in early pregnancy.

Using herbal treatments is a great way to get your body back into its natural rhythm and to allow your body to heal itself from whatever is causing your sore ovaries. While a conventional treatment is sometimes necessary as is the case when the cysts are cancerous, there are many times when herbal treatments can be quite effective at eliminating discomfort and perhaps eliminating the cysts altogether.

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Herbs for Sore Ovaries