Healthy Weight Loss on 1,200 Calories


To lose weight on 1200 calories is easy. To lose weight healthfully on 1200 calories is a whole other issue.

Can You Lose Weight on 1200 Calories

Almost anyone, regardless of body type or size can lose weight by consuming only 1200 calories. 1200 calories is not a lot. It's actually under the recommend requirements for most semi-active people. 1400 to 1500 calories is few calories enough to allow you to lose weight, but still enough to get all the important nutrients without too much planning.

However, 1200 is not an unsafe calorie amount; you just need to be extra careful about getting all of the nutrients you need. There are many health reasons to lose weight.; it's much more unhealthy to be overweight, than it is to eat 1200 calories.

If you're interested in trying a 1200 calorie diet the first thing to do is make an appointment to speak with your health care provider about it. Some people really should not be on a 1200 diet plan. For example, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, 1200 calories is simply too low. Your health care provider can help you to decide if 1200 calories is right for you.

How Eating 1200 Calories Helps You to Lose Weight

Weight loss is not as tricky as most diet plans make it out to be. Weight loss is truly as simple as calories in vs. calories out. The point of a healthy diet is to eat enough calories to sustain your energy output, nourish your body, and still allow for moderate weight loss. Moderate, healthy weight loss is about two pounds a week. However, if you're obese, your health care provider may say that it's okay for you to lose more than two pounds a week.

Most people burn a fair amount of calories per day by doing things as simple as breathing, watching TV, and walking around the house, so add in some scheduled exercise and you will lose weight on 1200 calories.

To find out how many calories you're burning each day visit the Calories Burned Calculator.

How To Eat A Healthy 1200 Calories

While you will lose weight on 1200 calories. 1200 is a relatively low amount of calories, so you'll need to make each calorie count. Nutrient wise you need to be careful. Some fast food and dessert items alone have over 1200 calories, so this can require self control as well.

Balance is key. Visit to see a USDA-recommended eating plan based on your goals. There are food pyramids available for all types of diet - basic, vegetarian, low carbs, and more. By answering a few simple questions, MyPyramid will give you a custom made food pyramid. You can use this pyramid to allocate calories.

For example if your pyramid notes that most of your nutrients need to come from whole grains and veggies, then your calories for the day should reflect this as well. Something that can really help is to write items down and their calorie count as you eat throughout the day. Another good idea is to plan meals in advance. By planning in advance, you won't run out of calories by midday. If you need some menu ideas take a look at this great article; 1200 Calorie Diet Sample Menu. Don't forget to work in filling, low-calorie snacks into your diet plan.

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Healthy Weight Loss on 1,200 Calories