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The Transform Diet was developed by Brett Salisbury, former athlete and C.S.N., who has dedicated much of his career to diet and fitness.

About the Transform Diet

The Transform Diet came about as a way to not only bust the myths of so many other diet books on the shelves today, but also to help people understand how best to fuel and work their bodies in order to look and feel the way they most desire.

The book is more than just a diet plan. It is a resource for those interested in really understanding how the body works and how the Transform Diet differs from other diets on the market today. Salisbury addresses this interest by debunking some of the basic tenants of popular diets, such as the Atkins Diet and the South Beach Diet. Additionally, he sites numerous medical professionals and professionals in the fields of nutrition and exercise physiology.

The Plan

The Transform Diet plan is a 12-week program meant to help dieters transform their entire body by burning fat quicker and more efficiently, accessing the "after burn" effects that can result from proper fitness regimens, and eating to fuel your body in the proper ways. Unlike many other popular diets, Salisbury asserts that your body should be treated more like a machine. Rather than waiting to eat when hungry, he suggests consuming foods that boost metabolism and encourages dieters to eat before they are hungry.

Critics of the Book and Program

Salisbury's diet is based on his own personal experience of weight loss and getting fit. Some critics suggest the Transform Diet book and program would be stronger if it were based on more professional endorsements. However, it could be argued this is a benefit, as many diets are promoted by individuals who do not seem to have ever had any need for actual weight loss.

Others point to flaws in his actual research methods or citations. His citations are somewhat inconsistent, which if nothing else sheds light on the lack of thorough editing.

The language used in the book has been both praised and criticized. Salisbury speaks in everyday language, relying on simple explanations that almost anyone can understand. His use of this more relaxed writing style is considered a huge plus for some and turns others off.

Where to Purchase the Book

The Transform Diet is available at a variety of book retailers, both locally and online.

  • Amazon - A benefit to purchasing books from Amazon is that the site allows customers to review the book and offer a star rating system. Many people prefer to check these reviews before purchasing a new book or other product.
  • Bookstores and Libraries - Check your local bookstores and libraries to see if they carry The Transform Diet. If not, request that they order it. Many are willing to order books per customer request.

Other Products

The website features other products sold under the Transform Diet brand. It also lists retail stores that carry the diet products.

The Transform Diet joins a horde of diet and exercise focused plans on the market today. Before starting a new program, it's always advisable to get checked out by a physician to ensure that you are healthy enough for exercise and that you do not have any pre-existing conditions that could affect your weight loss.

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