Weight Loss with Tony Little's Gazelle Elliptical

Tony Little

If you are trying to lose weight and don't really enjoy exercise, you may want to try weight loss with Tony-Gazelle Elliptical. Tony Little is a fitness guru who has developed a line of elliptical exercise machines for home use. This is a fun and easy exercise machine that offers a low impact workout. The Gazelle Elliptical is the subject of an entertaining infomercial, and has received many favorable reviews from fitness companies and customers.

The Gazelle Elliptical Machine

Tony Little created the Gazelle Elliptical at home fitness machine in the late 1990s. It was his vision that the Gazelle would be lightweight, easy to store, and offer an effective low impact workout. Tony definitely achieved his goals when he created this great workout machine. Since the creation of the first Gazelle many new models have been added to this equipment line.

The Gazelle Edge

The most lightweight and economical model in the Gazelle Elliptical line. It sells for around $100, and will hold up to 250 lbs. The low impact workout that you get from using this machine allows you to use muscles in your upper and lower body in a gentle gliding motion. This improves general tone and strengthens the cardiovascular system. The Gazelle Edge also features a workout computer that lets you know how effective your workout was by telling you how many calories you burned, how long you worked out, the distance you went, and the speed you averaged.

The Gazelle Sprintmaster

This Gazelle product is more technologically advanced than the Gazelle Edge. It offers the same low-impact overall body workout, but the workout computer also allows you to pre-program your target heart rate. The Sprintmaster holds up to 300 pounds, folds flat for storage and does not require adjustments between users. This model comes with two workout DVDs and is sold for around $280.

Other Gazelle Models

There are several other types of Gazelles available. All of them offer special features and are reasonably priced. To find out more information about which Gazelle model is the best fit for your personal fitness goals and budget, visit Tony Little's website.

Tony Little's Inspiration

Tony Little has overcome many obstacles to achieve his level of fitness. Two devastating car accidents left him shattered physically and emotionally. Tony was already competing and winning as a body builder when his car was hit by a bus. This accident left him with multiple back and joint injuries, which ultimately caused him to become sedentary and 60 pounds overweight.

He decided that the only way to save himself was to become fit again, and along the way to his own fitness he became inspired to create a fitness program for others. This inspiration is what led to the creation of the Gazelle Elliptical Trainer and numerous fitness videos.

Lose Weight With Tony,Gazelle Elliptical, and a Healthy Diet

Exercise is important to overall health and especially for weight loss. If you would like to lose weight with Tony, Gazelle Elliptical and Tony's fitness DVDs may be the answer. Tony's over the top energy level and positive attitude make it easy to believe that you can become fit and healthy. The simple-to-use Gazelle is a fun workout that only takes a few minutes per day to help burn calories, lose excess fat, and build muscle. The most important part of an exercise program is that it should be a regimen that is easy and enjoyable. The Gazelle Elliptical Trainer workout is both.

Following a Diet

Before beginning any diet and fitness program, it is beneficial to go see your doctor. Talk with her about your ideal weight, and get a check up to be sure that you do not have any underlying health issues that might be aggravated by strenuous exercise. Your doctor may also be able to recommend a good diet program or refer you to a dietician for nutritional counseling.

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Weight Loss with Tony Little's Gazelle Elliptical