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If you would like to make the most of your home fitness equipment, then a Bowflex exercise DVD can help. Learning to properly use your equipment and balance your workouts to meet your needs may seem confusing if you don't have a fitness background, which is exactly why you need a DVD. With the instruction contained on the video, you'll be well on your way to better fitness.


Bowflex is a manufacturer that offers multiple pieces of strength-training equipment for home users. The name, Bowflex, refers to the company's patented method of creating resistance. Instead of weighted plates, Bowflex utilizes a series of rods, or bows, attached to cables and pulleys that create a specific level of resistance as you perform the machine's muscle group-specific exercises. Much like other types of home resistance equipment, such as a Weider Home Gym system, the Bowflex contains multiple bars, handles, and pulleys that allow you to perform isolated strength training exercises for all of your major muscle groups. More recently, Bowflex has also added the Bowflex Revolution to their product lineup, which utilizes a different type of mechanical resistance. Additionally, Bowflex provides SelectTech free weights, which are adjustable dumbbells, and the TreadClimber, a cardiovascular fitness machine.

Bowflex Exercise DVD Specifics

Many people get their Bowflex home from the store, only to realize they don't know what to do with it. Learning to use your home equipment properly can help you obtain the results you desire and avoid injury. Bowflex provides instructions for use with all of their equipment, including a basic exercise DVD that shows you how to use your equipment along with some basic exercises you can perform on the machine. It is important that you watch this Bowflex exercise DVD, particularly if you are new to weightlifting. Follow the exercises carefully, making sure you copy the form demonstrated on the video. Using improper form may result in injury, or may prevent you from experiencing the results you would like to see.

Bowflex also offers several exercise DVDs showing workouts tailored to meeting specific goals on the company's website catalog.

Bowflex iTrainer

This software DVD designed for Windows personal computers provides you with an electronic personal trainer to evaluate your current level of fitness and design an exercise program that helps you meet your goals.

Bowflex Revolution XP iTrainer

This software DVD provides an electronic personal trainer that can help you design a program for working with your Bowflex Revolution XP.

Bowflex Bodybuilding Workout Video Set

This three-disc set of DVDs provides you with a rotating group of exercises designed to build and sculpt muscles in a balanced and aesthetically pleasing fashion. The discs are designed to be used in three-day rotations.

  • Disc One: Chest and Shoulders
  • Disc Two: Back and Arms
  • Disc Three: Legs and Trunk


When working with your Bowflex DVDs and equipment, keep the following in mind to maximize your success.

  • Strength training activities place small tears in your muscles, which heal and produce stronger muscles. Give your body adequate time to heal between sessions that exercise a particular muscle group -- at least 24 to 48 hours.
  • Always warm up before exercising and cool down afterward.
  • Stretch your muscles after your cool down in order to maintain flexibility.
  • Follow instructions provided in the exercise DVDs carefully.
  • Eat a diet that contains adequate amounts of protein and other nutrients your body needs.
  • Combine strength training with cardio training activities in order to attend to all components of physical fitness.
  • Balance exercises so that you exercise complementary muscles (such as biceps and triceps or chest and back) equally. Likewise, strive for balance between the upper and lower body.

If you'd like to make the most of your investment in exercise equipment, then use the exercise DVDs Bowflex provides. You'll be glad you did.

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Bowflex Exercise DVD