Discount Fitness Apparel

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Discount fitness apparel is a frugal fitness fashionista's dream. There are fortunately a number of ways to find affordable exercise clothing, so busting your butt in the workout room does not mean busting your budget at the bank.

Where to Find Discount Fitness Apparel

Discount fitness apparel can be found at online retailers and at brick and mortar stores. The physical stores have an advantage, because you can try on the clothes, but if you have a general idea of your size, you might find better bargains online. Keep in mind, however, that buying fitness clothes online means that you will have to pay shipping and handling. Your final decision will of course be influenced by price and by which stores have discount fitness clothes that appeal to you.

Discount Workout Clothes at Department Stores

Marshall's and TJ Maxx are famous for their fabulous fitness apparel bargains. They often offer up to 60 percent off on top-quality running gear, brand name yoga clothes and eco-friendly water bottles. The stores occasionally sell ski clothes in the winter and bathing suits and cycling clothes in the summer. Both Marshall's and TJ Maxx also have great buys on exercise balls, hand weights, bands, exercise mats and workout DVDs.

JCPenney has an extensive line of Adidas workout apparel. They also have their own line of discount fitness apparel called Xertion. Kohl's has discount sport bras made by Fila, Champion, Lily of France, Tek Gear and Champion, as well as children's exercise clothes. Sports fans will like their NFL, NCAA and MLB team shops, which feature shorts, tee shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies with the names of your favorite teams. Target and Walmart may not have as big a selection as Marshall's and TJ Maxx, but you can occasionally find some good buys on Danskin, Avia, Champion and other brand name fitness apparel. If you like Old Navy, they have an extensive discount yoga clothing line.

Manufacturers' Online Clearance Sales

Fitness apparel manufacturers are continually developing new clothing lines. When this happens, they need to make room in their warehouse. If you're lucky, you can find your old favorites sold at a reasonable price on the manufacturer's website. Champion and Nike are known for their superb online clearance sales. You can also find great buys at online sports apparel outlets, such as Paragon and Dick's.

Discount Apparel for Fitness Professionals

Fitness instruction is not the most lucrative profession. Nonetheless, professionals need to look their best, but a typical, high-end fitness outfit may cost more than an instructor's salary. Fortunately, fitness apparel manufacturers are aware of this problem and are willing to offer substantial discounts to certified instructors. All of these programs require proof of certification, as well as proof of employment as a fitness instructor, but discounts range from 10 to 50 percent. These are some of the top apparel discount programs for certified instructors.

  • Avia: The Avia Select program offers instructors a 30 percent discount. In some cases, they allow instructors to preview new shoes before they hit the market.
  • Lucy: The Lucy Pro program gives instructors a 30 percent discount at selected retail locations. You must visit a local store or contact customer service to enquire.
  • Marika: The Marika instructor program gives instructors a 40 percent discount.

The money you save on fitness apparel can be used toward gym memberships, Pilates classes or even hiring a trainer.

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Discount Fitness Apparel