4 Christian Sects That Believe in No Birth Control

churches and birth control

There are some Christian sects that believe in no birth control. Learn more about them in this article.

Is Birth Control Allowed for Your Religion and Situation - Deciding as a Couple

According to various sources, birth control was generally banned among all Christian braches of religion before the 20th century. Later of course, religions disbanded, reformed, and reestablished, creating a varied view of the use of birth control among the different Christian sects.

According to the Marriage Bed, a website full of useful information related to birth control and the church, birth control is a personal decision. The Marriage Bed points out that birth control is an issue created by religion, its leaders, and followers, rather than the Bible since birth control isn't even mentioned in the Bible. Because this issue is missing from a book that many Christian religions take at face value, there's an unusually large amount of disagreements regarding birth control. Is it right, wrong, unholy?

In the end, the Marriage Bed seems to be promoting birth control as a couple's personal choice, which is likely the best way to look at this issue. For example, if your partner and you become pregnant, it's the female in the couple carrying the baby, not the church. It's the couple who will be financially, emotionally, and personally responsible for that pregnancy and baby, again, not the church. It's smart to think this issue through if you're a couple trying to decide on whether or not to use birth control because it will fall on you, not the church, to care for a baby that may arrive in your lives.

If you need someone to discuss your options with or would like to hear from peers who share your religion, visit the Marriage Bed forums, a nice full-of-information site about all things related to sex, love, religion, and birth control.

They do agree with barrier birth control methods such as condoms and the diaphragm. As with the Marriage Bed above, your best bet is to read through the information. It's fine if you agree or don't agree with either of the two sites above. What's more important is that you and your significant other research all the ideas surrounding birth control and religion and then make a decision that works well for you.

What Are the Christian Sects That Believe in No Birth Control

Currently, some of the Christian sects that believe in no birth control include the Roman Catholic Church, although many Catholics have taken issue with this and do support and promote the safe use of birth control. American Experience on PBS ran a special called People & Events: The Catholic Church and Birth Control that delves deeper into all sides of the Catholic birth control issues. Visit the website to learn more.

Other Christian sects that have at least some sects that disapprove of birth control include Protestant Christianity, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and Amish communities. If you are part of any of the above religious sects, you'll want to discuss the issue of birth control with your own specific church, family, and partner. Each of the above sects include members who completely disapprove of birth control, members who feel there's a right and wrong contraceptive choice, and some who believe couples in the church can make their own choice.

If you're looking for further information on Christian sects that believe in no birth control, visit the following links:


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4 Christian Sects That Believe in No Birth Control