Poems for Expecting Mothers

Poems for Moms to Be


Poems for expecting mothers run the gamut from silly to sentimental to contemplative in nature. They can be included in cards and scrapbook pages to help preserve memories of this special time in a woman's life.

Each of the poems here celebrate and even poke a little fun at different aspects of pregnancy.

The Test


Oh, the anticipation,
Just waiting to see,
A plus or a minus,
Which will it be?

The timer goes off,
Grab the stick in a rush.
There's going to be a baby
Because the test says plus!

What to Expect...


Dirty diapers,
Sleepless nights,
And spit up on your shirt.

Sweet little smiles,
Soft warm snuggles,
And the deepest love you've ever known.



Surprise, you're pregnant!
Life will never be the same.
Once that baby arrives,
It's an entirely new game.

You'll quickly find out
That the baby is the boss,
And oh how he can cry
When he's feeling quite cross.

You'll live on his schedule,
And you'll sleep when he sleeps.
You'll keep on changing diapers
As they pile up in heaps.

Yes, you didn't exactly plan this,
You'll make the best of it,
And one day you'll realize
That this baby is the perfect fit.



Uh oh, here they come,
Those cravings are setting in.
You can try to resist them,
But you know they're going to win.

First you want a pickle,
Then you need some ice cream.
How about some pizza, yes,
Let's make it a supreme.

Some grapes and chocolate chip cookies,
Now that would be quite nice,
And then back to that pizza
For just one more slice.

And then comes the heartburn,
Some antacid will make that end.
An hour or so to digest,
Then time to do it all again!

Pink or Blue


Pink or blue,
Which should I choose?
Little girl pink,
Or baby boy blue?

What do you know,
I've lost the power of speech.
The doctor just said,
There's going to be one of each!

I Felt You Move Today


I felt you move today,
For the first time you seemed real.
I don't show much quite yet,
But I know it's you I feel.

It was so unexpected.
It felt like butterflies,
Were fluttering in my belly.
It was such a lovely surprise.

More Poems to Celebrate Pregnancy


Poems can really capture the highlights of a pregnancy in a truly memorable way. Some are just for the moms to be, while others speak to both parents.

As you go through this journey, take some time for journaling and perhaps even writing a poem or two of your own that you can share with your child someday.

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Poems for Expecting Mothers