Bikini Fitness Models

Bikini Fitness Models

No doubt about it -- bikini fitness models often have to work at it to stay this fit and healthy. They may exercise in the gym, at home or outdoors, but modeling bikinis takes serious confidence.

These bikini beauties can keep their bodies toned through a variety of workouts, including swimming in a pool, like this model, or the ocean.

Frisbee Fitness

Tossing and chasing down frisbees is a fun way to get your heart rate up. You need coordination and skill to throw and catch a disc.

Surfer Babe

Surfers are usually in tip-top condition due to the skill it takes to balance on a surfboard.

Arms, legs and core all get in on the action when riding the waves, which explains why surfing bikini fitness models look so good.

Not All Fun and Games

As just about any model will tell you, it's not all fun and games posing for the camera.

They often have to pose in skimpy swimsuits in chilly weather and for long periods of time. Still, they manage to smile and make it all look like fun.

Running on the Sand

Running is a great cardio activity, especially when done on the beach. Sand is easier on joints than pavement.

Plus, when you're ready to cool down, all you have to do is take a dip in the ocean.

Game Players

Beach volleyball has long been a way to enjoy the outdoors and take part in a team sport. It's also a fantastic way to get a workout in.

More fitness babes will show you how attractive regular exercise can be.

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Bikini Fitness Models