Funny Stressful Clip Art

Stress Pulling Out Hair

Need to make a point about stress in a visual way that is also humorous? Whether you're creating a stress management presentation or poster or if you're trying to convey a visual impression of stress via a website, newsletter, or other communication tool, funny clip art is a great way to help convey your message.

Free Humourous Clip Art Images

The clip art images provided here are free for you to download and use. They're easy to use (no stress here!) - just right click the image(s) of your choice, then select save. Once you have saved the images, you can upload them into any projects you may be working on.

Back Breaking Stress
Computer Stress
Time Management Stress
Overwhelmed Stress

More Resources for Stress Graphics

If these images don't quite meet your needs, there are other options available to you. Funny stress-related clip art images that meet your needs include:

  • This site has a nice selection of humorous stress-related images, such as cartoon-style illustrations of a woman hyperventilating into a bag and one who is overwhelmed with housework duties. Downloading a .jpg or .png file of these images costs $15, while a .eps vector image costs $50. Many other related images are available from this site, as well.
  • Glasbergen Cartoon Service: You can commission or purchase pre-existing cartoons that present stress in a funny manner (as well as other topics) from a professional artist. Rates are provided upon request. You'll need to contact the artist directly with information about what you need to get a quote.
  • Shutterstock: If you're looking for more realistic images that still depict stress in a funny way, Shutterstock may have what you need. For example, these photographs of stressed out moms and employees in humorous - yet not unrealistic - situations are great options. You can download two images for $29 or five for $49.

Illustrating Humor

When it comes to conveying stress in an entertaining way that drives home your point and appeals to people's emotions, there is no better choice than using graphics that show the experience and impact of stress in a visually appealing way. Use one - or several - of these graphics to enhance your projects and make a lasting impression.

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Funny Stressful Clip Art