Slogans Against Drug Abuse

About Slogans Against Drug Abuse

Slogans against drug abuse are short phrases used to warn people about using drugs or to remind them about the effects that using them may have on their lives. Far from being corny, these sayings become part of popular culture over time and can have a positive effect on people's lives.

Just Say No to Drugs

Short and to the point, this slogan reminds people that they can use this short, but very powerful, word to stop a drug problem before it starts. People who are currently using can use it to get the strength to get help from a support group, counselor or treatment center.

I'm Too Good for Drugs

This type of slogan reminds readers that they have value, and they don't need to resort to drug use to "fix" themselves or to feel better about their lives. Drug use will only bring them down, and they can choose to live better than that.

Smoking Dope Won't Help You

Some people begin using marijuana as a way to escape from stress, anxiety or other issues in their lives. This slogan reminds them that they are not going to get the results they are looking for by using drugs.

Stay Alive. Don't Drink-N-Drive

Slogans against drug abuse also include warnings about using alcohol. People who think that they are still "OK to drive" after having a few drinks need to know that they are putting their own life, as well as the lives of others, at risk when they do so.

Kiss Meth Mouth Goodbye

If the other messages about the dangers of using meth don't make an impact, appealing to someone's vanity may be more effective. No one wants to think that they are not kiss-able.

Choose Hugs, Not Drugs

Hugs are always a better choice than resorting to drugs when people are looking to feel better, and this slogan reminds them that there are more positive ways to feel good about yourself. For more information about drug abuse, check out these informative slideshows:

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Slogans Against Drug Abuse